The Daily Telegraph: 5 places to escape for an urban retreat

Convention dictates that frazzled urbanites in need of a recharge should flee the bright lights of the city to unwind.

But you don’t always need to head to the countryside to find tranquillity, with quiet corners in the heart of Australia’s most bustling cities providing lavish suites in which to escape; soothing day spas in which to be pampered; and hotel restaurants in which to retreat.

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When you’re planning your next vacation and it comes time to choose a hotel, you’ll probably check out some reviews on TripAdvisor, see how close it is to the center of town, how big the rooms are, and if they offer breakfast . . . but it’s worth a deeper dive. Are the room’s views of the city epic? Does the guestroom design make you stop and take notice? Is the breakfast bordering on food porn? Essentially, how Instagram-worthy is it? Even if you’re not a devotee of the app, a hotel worthy of serious Insta-love is probably a sign that you’re in for a good stay.

So whether you’re just searching for a great hotel experience, or you’re after a boost in your Instagram likes, here are nine new or soon-to-open hotels that fit the bill:

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