Gifts that Get It, by The Old Clare

No more random crap, we say! Shop like you mean it, these are a few of our favourite things for the holiday season.  

Dream With Us 

If one of life’s greatest gifts is space and time, allow those you love to luxuriate in both with an Old Clare Gift Voucher, perfect for a staycation, vacation or our favourite, the no-excuse-needed-cation. Available online here!

Spend It Onsite 

Why not tack on a little spending money while you’re at it? The BS Shop is stocked with all things bottled and brilliant, to add a little magic to their stay. Peruse at your leisure.

Cover Judging 

Our friends at TITLE have impeccable taste. For the giftee whose home is filled with objects d’art, how about The Impossible Collection of Design, which examines the 100 most influential objects of the Twentieth Century? For the reader who’s “read everything” (eyeroll), try Izumi Suzuki’s futurist short stories from the 1970s translated from Japanese into English in Terminal Boredom, or a modern classic and favourite amongst contemporary fiction fanatics, Sally Roony’s Beautiful World, Where Are You. 



Snuggle Up 

Fact: gifting a brand new robe feels better than nicking one! Add a little Clare to the hook at the back of the bathroom door with our plush, embroidered house coats, available in two sizes. Buy here.

Heaven Scent 

Our signature scent, (an intoxicating blend of heavenly scents FYI) infused into a slow-burning custom candle by local makers Maison Balzac. It’s like you never left… Buy it here. 

Scrubbed and Voluminous 

Cleanliness is close to godliness, and if you’ve tested out our chosen beauty products by NZ makers Triumph & Disaster, you’ll know they’re heavenly. Choose from the gentle Shearer’s Soap mixed with poppy seeds for ultimate exfoliation, or a fragrant bar of almond, milk and rosehip. There’s a peppermint-scented cleanser for your mug, deep-cleansing, sulfate-free shampoo and calming conditioner for your mane, and a sandalwood and neroli-infused body wash that’ll have your head, shoulders, knees AND toes squeaky clean. 


Looking Glass 

Each glass item from Maison Balzac is individually hand blown, but not so delicate you can’t pop them in the dishwasher, thank Christ. The azure or amber Lou Lou vase is bulbous and beautiful, while no bedside is complete without an eye-catching carafe and glass set. Fill your cart even further when you explore the full Maison Balzac range via their website

Future Flavour 

The gift of an Automata tasting menu is a lesson in flavour, texture, technique, and just downright delicious food, to be honest, located mere steps away from our front door. Chef Clayton Wells is a wizard, let’s leave it at that! Grab a voucher here. 



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