A Peek Inside The Showroom Suite

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Super-king-size you, you say? The Old Clare’s Showroom Suite says: right this way. Prepare to lose yourself in goose down, swan about in microfiber robes, lather up in Triumph & Disaster, swan around 53! square! meters! and revel in heritage furniture and design. Yes folks, it’s time to take an up-close and in-bed look at our Showroom Suite. 

The Showroom is true to its name in every sense of the phrase. This Suite is quite the show-stopper. It’s steeped in heritage with an original timber bar, salvaged and restored from the former brewery building, and timber wall detailing. If walls could talk, the Showroom would definitely have yarns to spin. We’d even guess, if someone from the 1950s stumbled in here, they’d not be confused at all. Only by the TV and sound bar, perhaps.  ‘Tis a mid-century dream.

This is a room where said dreams are made, pondered, executed, planned. Sit and do nothing at all but sit, or bring people into the fold and host them at your private bar. Be surrounded by vintage furniture, hand-picked down to the fabric that covers the reupholstered chairs and know our Showroom Suite is one of comfort, style and history. Without further ado, let’s wander through below.

There it is, the aforementioned super king bed. Dressed in cloud-like goose down bedding, perfect for disappearing from the everything. Heav’.

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The bar from The Old Clare’s predecessor! Restored to all its glory and ready for meetings or a meal in. Entertaining or a… micro wedding?

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Tub here, shower there. Separated by only a few steps, if you’re one of those who likes to jump between. Spacious, gracious. 

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Vintage designer furniture and lamps, reupholstered seating! An interior-appreciator’s dream. 

John Chesterman Pendant Light
Timo Bures and John Chesterman

Look closer and you’ll find details with every peep. We’d live in here if permitted. Curious? Book your stay here

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