New menu, new us


In with new chefs, and with them, a new menu. Brilliance! The food and beverage offering here at The Old Clare has had a makeover. From rooftop ceviche to elevated-pub-fare fare, this fresh-o approach is one that demands close, eye and tastebud, inspection. Read on for three of our favourite new food things, and a lunch special that’ll keep you coming back to us Monday to Thursday… 

Tiger prawn roll, marie rose, iceberg. 

You may think it’s lobby but it’s actually a smaller crustacean counterpart. Jarrod’s plump Maroochydore Black tiger prawns stuffed into a warm buttermilk bun and shimmied in tangy marie rose (you know? The English sauce with mayo, Worscertshire, a bit of hot sauce if you’re Jarrod) is a Taste Sensation. Crisp iceberg for crunch and a flourish of roasted prawn shell powder for umami. Magnifique. 

IMG 9743 1
DSCF084 DexterKim

LP’s mortadella and saucisson, pickled peppers, grissini

Chippendale friends are whom we have to thank for the charcuterie plate to end all others. Ours dons LP’s Quality Meats’ smoked mortadella and saucisson, made just moments down the road. Accompanying these fine, fine meats is a small hill of pickled guindilla chilies, roasted piquillo peppers and hand made grissini. Bellis’!

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Clare Bar is open every day from 11:30am. The rooftop is open 4pm till 10pm Wednesday to Friday and midday till 10pm Saturday and Sunday. Make a booking and any spot, or in a room where you can opt for roomy service, here.

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