Father’s Day Gifts That Get It, By The Old Clare

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It’s coming ‘round the mountain at a quick pace! Should you need reminding, Father’s Day, this year, is on Sunday September 4 — day to celebrate dads, dad figures, children and partners of dads, parents of dads. While yes, every day should be Father’s Day, it’s a nice time to spoil your special person(s) with a gift for chopping, sipping etc.

Under $30

For carving

Everyone needs a good knife, and September 4 is just as good occasion as any to purchase-amundo. Opinel’s history dates back to 1890, when the Opinel family got into the business in Savoie, France. Its range is vast and multifaceted — there’s a knife for every occasion, too, from mushroom picking to oyster turning.

Under $50

Something smelly 

Not that dad or your dad figure is, of course! Purveyors of good scents, and clever cookies behind all Old Clare Room bathroom amenities, are Triumph & Disaster. The range is extensive and covers all bases, excuse the visual. If your papa has a beard perhaps the Wash will come in handy?

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Listen closely, cosily 

Good listening is time well spent. In all Chippendale Lofts and Clare Suites we have record players, for your pleasure. If you, or Father Figure’s, stayed with us recently and got accustomed to the indulgence of dulcet tones at one’s fingertips then best not leave them in the lurch. Sydney’s Record Store has a primo selection of LPs, including a Old Clare fave, Massive Attack’s Blue Lines.

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Under $80

A vessel to decorate with 

Dress! Up! That! Bar! Cart! There’s no one better equipped to hit that brief than Maison Balzac. Secure yourself a little something to keep dehydrated citrus wheels safe, cubes of ice looking sharp or spiced salt contained. Schmick.


Over $100

A good night’s rest

Everyone needs it. The best one going, we’d say, is from the goose down comfort of an Old Clare room. We offer vouchers, of any amount, and highly recommend one as a treat for your father person. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps they’ll invite you along with their booking. One can only dream.

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A feast fit for a king

It’s sad — bittersweet — they’d say: Automata is closing. Our dear neighbours are hosting their final service in mid-December so NOW’S the time to visit again, or for the first time, if you’ve not had the pleasure. The team offers a set $165 tasting menu plumped with seasonal, curious, intricate dishes. A must-try for any Sydney, or not-Sydney eater.

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For the fancy pants

If the truly finer things are the ones Father prefers to come by, then an Archie Rose whisky will go down smoothly, literally. If we had to choose we’d opt for Archie Rose Single Paddock Whisky Harvest 2018. This is a special liquid. It’s the distillery’s first Harvest whisky and is made from a single paddock of heritage rye. Just stunning.

For the chefs

All the rage they are, these Gozney things. They turn even the most novice cook into a fully-fledged, no-takeaway-here pizzaiola. Just turn them on, let it heat up and you’ve got yourself a restaurant-worthy pizza. You have to make the base and chop the toppings, yes, but the pizza itself? Cooked to perfection, every time.

So many options, too much to think about? Just book a room. Just do it.

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