The Abercrombie: The Room With No Shoes On

Hello, it’s The Abercrombie room here. Recently, one of my guests watched  that movie ‘Marcel The Shell with Shoes On’ while luxuriating in the tub.I was instantly hooked.The idea that a shell could have any kind of conscience is blasphemous to many — but to me, well, that’s my reality. I am a hotel room. Marcel is a shell. 

Today, I’ve been given the mic and the chance to talk. Let me take you on a tour. I’m a roomy (37-square-metres) cosy, architecturally-svelte box with an open plan bathroom, freestanding tub and a super king sized bed. I’m filled with a range of self-care inducing products, retro modern furniture *fancy chairs are my specialty,* abstract art and stories. I love bubble baths. I bare many names. Some call me ‘The Abercrombie Room’ other’s call me their ‘haven’, ‘retreat’, ‘glamour at a great price’ and so on. I’ve seen a lot, though I’ve never moved. I’ve known more people than the average human, that’s for sure. I’ve put bedded to bed after long nights out. Some of the things I’ve seen makes me blush — but — I won’t go there. I’m good at keeping secrets. 

DSC0072 Dexter Kim (2)

The other day, when one of my guests was binge watching something on TV, all I could think about was you and my silver-cloched bestie, room service. I wished we were watching it together. In the tub. Bubbled up. Poppin’ champagne. “If only the walls could talk”, well, my friend, they can. Whenever you’re ready, just know that I’ve got you. 

Always at your service,

The Abercrombie Room xo


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