Excellent but Random Crap… for Spring

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As the new season breezes on in, so does the urge to spring clean, replenish and renew — it’s time to wake up, smell the jasmine and embrace the light! We’ve compiled a stellar list of very glowy candles, trinkets, tables and more to do just that — to revamp your mind, body and home. Whether you’re preparing for a self-care staycation at The Old Clare Hotel, looking for some thoughtful poolside reading, planning a wedding or on the hunt for some quirky furniture to Marie Kondo your safe-space, we’ve got you. 


Hall of Flame Candles

Say hello to Australia’s tallest candles AKA Hall of Flame. These sky high tapers (up to one metre long to be precise!) are the brainchild of Perth designer, Sheridan Tjhung, who started the brand upon noticing a lack of candles on the market that ‘weren’t all beige and boring’. From vibrant carnival reds to soothing pistachio greens and a 36-hour burn time, these candles are no mere wax and wick. For those of you already candled up, there’s an abundance of floral-inspired candle holders and protective glass sleeves too, promising a flawless tableau for upcoming weddings, spring dinners under the moonlight and any other celebration looking for a glow up! 


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Chell Fish Crockery

From Brooklyn-based artist Michele Mirisola comes Chell Fish, the finest, funkiest seaside inspired crockery we ever did see. Using a mix of oyster, mussel, scallop and clam shells as the centrepiece, each item has been delicately crafted, hand painted then primed for optimal dinner-party usage — they’ll compliment all your favourite snacking session must haves perfectly. 



Poolside reading at its finest — a story of tentative repair, new beginnings and quiet observation in which a series of train rides across Sydney lead us to a renewed perspective on this city, its people and how we see one another. In a nutshell, Oliver Mol’s ‘Train Lord’ stands out ‘as an arresting memoir about a 10-month migraine, a recovery in Australia, and a job on the railway where strangers are brought together briefly and connected by the steady march of time. If you’re looking to get to know this expansive city and dig a little deeper into yourself this spring — This . Is. The. Book.



Crafted Down Under (in Melbourne) by Kathleen Prentice, this coffee table is the embodiment of playful meets practical. Inspired by motion, its sleek profile and sensuous curves project a sense of weightlessness while injecting a vibrant burst of spring-time GREEN (or a range of other colours!) into any living space. To put it plainly, it’s pretty stunning — the perfect ‘new season, new you’ addition to your abode and very much suited to cradle your iced lattes, aperol spritz, and all those new books you’ve been hoarding.


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Studio Sutram Sheets

Good bedding is hard to come by (trust us we know, we love our cosy goose down). It’s a touch and feel thing – the type of experience that leaves you with a sense of pure peace and serenity. Studio Sutram has this down pat. Their sheets come in an array of subtle, spring-infused colourways — salmon pinks, burnt orange and lush greens amidst others, each boasting a 300 thread count of 100% organic, ethically sourced cotton. If you’re in the midst of a spring clean, here’s our rec’ — start reaallly fresh, throw out those old plain jane sheets and dream easy with these. 


Soft Surfaces Buffing Bar

OKAY! It’s time for the transition we’ve all been waiting for — from homewares to good ole’ self-care with this rub-a-dub, AKA, the anything-but-humble Soft Services Buffing Bar (winner of  the Allure Best of Beauty Award). This microcrystal exfoliant bar is the sweetest accompaniment to post-swim showers, packed in with soothing aloe and shea butter to wash the salt away. May your seasonal rejuvenation begin! 


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