Spring Sounds Like

Rooftop Pool Sydney hotel

As the southern hemisphere blossoms, so does one’s state of mind. It’s the season of new beginnings,  self-care with a capital ‘S’, day parties, coastal walks, bird song and breezes, poolside lounging, romance, and breakfast in bed at *cough cough — The Old Clare Hotel*. 

Spring is here and it’s making us want to get up and DANCE! To ring it in, we’ve compiled a playlist to get your body moving, songs to awaken the senses and to help you spring into action. From italo-disco to afro-funk, Beyoncé and sea-breezy dream pop, there’s a track for all to enjoy. Whether you’re lounging on the rooftop, exploring the vibrant city scene, or preparing for an evening of Negroni’s on loop at Clare Bar, consider the tone set.


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