Holiday Season Gift Guide


The steamy season is setting in! And along with it comes the mountainous present haul. While we all love playing Santa and we all love receiving gifts, there’s no denying the act of finding/wrapping/um-ing and ahh-ing about what to get and where to get it is all consuming. 


If you’re on the hunt for presents that exude a one-of-a-kind charm and leave a lasting impression, we’ve got quite the selection lined up. We’re talking spaghetti clocks, fish shaped plates and more. 


In the game of gift giving, perfume always wins. The trick is finding a scent that fits your favourite person like a glove. Fiele Fragrances have that sorted — Fiele, derived from the ancient West Frisian word for “to feel,” are all about crafting subtle concoctions to capture the emotional core of a person; natural scents to suit all kinds of personalities, transcending age and gender. These two summer-infused fragrances smell excellent — on EVERYONE, in our opinion:


VETIVERIA —: a celebration of wisdom, creativity, and artistic flair. 

VIOLA — :radiating energy, confidence, and optimism. 



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Mollusc House — FISH PLATES


We needn’t say much. Mollusc House collects crockery — in the shape of all kinds of sea creatures, from fish plates to shell-shaped cocktail shakers, cutlery, vases to tea towels with prawns on them. Who wouldn’t want one? The key thing is, they’re all vintage, collectable, quirky and fairly affordable (highest price we’ve seen is 125!) and highly functional. “Here’s to a summer of dinner parties’ sounds like the perfect Christmas card sign off if you ask us.


Handmade in NYC. Choose now and choose wisely to make that shipping deadline. It’ll be more than worth it.






Through the looking glass and into Maison Balzac, where all our most delicate homewares dreams come true. Sydney’s favourite hand-blown glassware enthusiasts have recently teamed up with Aussie costume designer, Catherine Martin (Elvis, The Great Gatsby, Strictly Ballroom) to produce these sleek as heck, ultra chic and timeless art deco-inspired goblets. We’re obsessed. The glasses almost appear to float on delicately tinted clouds. The chicest way to enjoy a glass of water and a winning gift for all types of humans.





Tom’s Outdoors — Stainless Steel Smoker


For the adventurous friends and fam, this stainless steel compact smoker takes glamping to a whole new level. You can stay gourmet whilst on the go and with minimal ingredients. Basically it keeps all the flavour contained and it’s built in two level structure enables you to cook multiple ingredients at once! Plus, it’s hella easy to carry. Something Dad would enjoy? We think so.


Each of these funky creators/makers/brands bare PLENTY of primo gifts so, hop to it before Santa steals your thunder!





Triumph & Disaster — Body Set


In a fast-paced world, time is a luxury. That’s where Triumph & Disaster steps in — the Body 3.0 Set is the perfect gift for busy bees with little time for themselves — also excellent for those who put the S in self care. The set includes a ‘Little Helper’ Hand Wash and ‘YLF’ Body Wash a meticulously crafted wash enriched with Argan oil, Green tea, Vitamin E, and Kawakawa extract, delivering a refreshing Sandalwood and Neroli scent. It’s a head-to-toe solution for those on the go. The handwash is infused with Blue Cypress, Almond, and Rosehip, is a hand saviour designed for hardworking souls, bringing joy to the everyday routine. Both products prioritise one’s well-being without harsh sulphates, leaving you feeling clean, soft, and refreshed. A most wholesome gift. 


P.S Approach with caution — these guys are in every room across the hotel and now, we’re addicted — soon you’ll be too.






Yes, this is a plate of spaghetti, and yes it’s a clock! The kind of gift no one can replicate and it’s desinted to bring a memorable reaction. Studio Daffa stars all handmade homewares in the most phenomenally bizarre shapes and sizes — zig-zaggy candles, burger shaped bookends, clocks galore, mugs, frames and even lamps! Suited to the foodie friend or crockery fiend. AND — they’re all completely unique, such is the way of handmade thingamagigs like these.




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