Do Not Curb Your Enthusiasm: Sounds to motivate and inspire

A playlist to propel you into the 2024, from yours sincerely


LISTEN UP. It may feel like we’re already knee-deep in the new year, but don’t be fooled, 2024’s only just getting started. Not only are we on the precipice of a new era here at The Old Clare (read all about it here) but you are too — whether you like it or not. Change is inevitable and can be fun. The most important thing is to try and take it in your stride, keep on keeping on and lift others up along the way.

To do so, a little motivation comes in handy. So! We compiled a track list of the most delulu (translation: delusionaaaalll) and uplifting power ballads, dance anthems and Broadway bangers to throw you — very theatrically — into ACTION. As Barbara Streisand once belted, ‘Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter’. Go forth, book yourself a room, pick up your hairbrush and SING DAMN IT, SING.


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