ANEAU’s latest collection with Anna Westcott

ANEAU is a contemporary Australian lifestyle brand that produces conscious and considered homewares, textiles and fashion. Founded by designer Anna Westcott, their latest ready-to-wear collection is modern, versatile and refined. With slips and robes so beautifully crafted that they could be worn as outerwear, the collection gives the sense of effortless sophistication.

While the collection was being photographed in a couple of spaces throughout our building, we got the chance to grab Anna for a quick chat to discuss her latest work.



Why did you develop the range?

I first designed and developed the capsule two years ago, so it’s been many moons in the making! At the time, it didn’t feel quite right releasing resort-style pieces into the world without them seeing the salt or sand. So I developed them some more, put some samples to hard work, and waited patiently. I’m so proud that they’re finally seeing the light of day.

What is your design ethos?

I think coming from a fashion background I’ve always been very conscious to build and create a brand that fits in line with my beliefs and values. Building collaborative relationships out of empowerment and respect is very important to me, as is sustainable design.

After feeling quite burnt out by the relentless cycle of the fashion industry, I launched ANEAU as a collection of handcrafted quilts. It was pure joy for me. A handcrafted object made with so much intention, story and for people to enjoy for many years to come? Yes please. It really planted the seed for all the products that followed, whether it was a robe or a baby swaddle. Now revisiting my original trade, I’ve applied the same approach. Less is more. Choose well and be well.

Who do you imagine wearing ANEAU?

Honestly this collection has been designed and made with so many muses in mind, from my mother to my mates. The pieces to me are almost like blank canvases. They come alive when worn and styled by the person. I hate it when you see someone and it looks like their clothing is wearing them. I want people to feel comfortable, empowered and relaxed in my designs and for them to bring their own flavour to the garment.

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