Summer Playlist, HOT listening Serotonin-Boosting Summer Songs

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Finally, we’re here, knee deep in serotonin season, aka summer —  fairest of them all. From up here on the rooftop, the pool’s in full glam, sparkling on the skyline and the Margs’ are on high rotation. It’s hot out here. Literally and figuratively. 

When we sat down to make this playlist for you, we thought about all the sounds that make this time of year its most summery self; a cool breeze brushing through the trees, waves kissing the shoreline, giggles and laughter, the sweet freshly-popped hiss of a bubbly bottle, DJs on The Old Clare rooftop…it’s a vibe. This collection of songs, is brimming with upbeat yet sensual bebops to take you to heights higher than the rooftop, from the languid croon of Nora Dean to the eccentric bops of Lizzie Mercier Descloux, Primal Scream, Groove Armada and Fatboy Slim. Go on, click clickity…


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