Excellent Yet Random Crap to Fill Your Residence


Why, hello there. Need to upgrade your place of dwelling with a hint of Old Clare-inspired charm? Do it, we say! Say no more, we say! Interior decorate like you mean it with objects, artefacts, glorious items etcetera to take the household from drip to dripping with niftiness. Find them in our fair city? Pop them in an Old Clare Random Crap tote bag to round out the random crap. 

Soft Edge Fluidity Vase

We here are fans of flower vessels. Maison Balzac’s chambers are a key staple of The Old Clare Hotel rooms but this liquidy number by Melbourne studio Soft Edge is curvy in all the places we like. Excellent, gorgeous. 


Anything Projects and Things

A refurb? A restoration? You know we love it. Brisbane’s Projects & Things polishes off, invigorates, revitalises lots and lots of things. Lamps, vintage IKEA (!), Kartell, among others. We’ll take one and all for any room. 

Projects and Things

Isamu Noguchi Akari UF3-Q  Lamp

Fact: lamp light is the choice light and Isamu Noguchi’s lights are the best choice of all. Add a little Clare vibe to your any-room via Akari. Dots! Glamour! Centrepiece galore! We’re jealous of you already.  

Isamu Noguchi Akari Lamp

Audio Technica Turntable 

So you stayed with us a while and got used to the alluring sound of spinning vinyl? We don’t blame you. Take the turntable experience home with you when you check out by knowing your very own awaits, ready and limber for a record to be placed. Dulcet tones for you, my friend.

IMG 0110

Fisch Lucha Lamp 

Another lamp, because you know why. Frankly, Fisch’s masterpiece deserves a room of its own. Available in many a colour but vintage orange seems the jovial hue most worthy.



Trone Callipyge Toilet 

Lush toilet? We all need it. Trone, that’s throne in French, makes a lavatory so peaceful, so special we weren’t even sure it was a possible thing. We’d sit on it. 


Eleventeen Ceramics Ceramics 

Polish off a side table with a polished piece of Eleventeen Ceramics ceramics. Paper weights and ring holders, book-ends and little dishes, artist Denise Porter-Howland transforms the oft-thought-ugly into the plinth-worthy. Message them to order. 

Eleventeen Ceramics

LLand Disco Chair

We won’t pick favourites but this one is it — it is, it really is. The pièce de résistance, a chair so beautiful we can’t believe we’re sharing this intel. A thin-concrete monocoque shell seat, formed over an inflatable mold and covered in 30,000 individually handset mirrors. We’re not worthy. No one is. 

LLand Disco Chair
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