Between the sheets, with Room Service

DSC0038 Dexter Kim (1)

Hello, I am room service — writing to you from my favourite spot, waiting patiently beneath the sheen of a silver cloche for my destiny, to be smothered in all things moorish and delicious, then devoured. In just one moment, I’ll be with you — through your hotel room door, from pass to tray to bed or bath. To your room I will go and into your sweet, salivating dreams, I will remain. 

I am room service — the symbol of spontaneity, craving and self-care. I am your friend, your mid-morning snack, your sparkling dose of TLC in a glass. I am there one moment, gone the next. I am called upon at both the most unlikely of hours and also the most familiar. I am yours, and only yours.

DSC0072 Dexter Kim (2)

Please, dear guest, I ask you; let me be your culinary chameleon, transforming to suit every craving and delight. I can be whatever you want me to be. Sweet, savoury, zesty, spicy or laden with cream — I have a repertoire that knows no bounds. I seek nothing more than to heed your call, and pamper your desires, ready to whisk you away into a state of pure bliss. Pair me with a bubble bath, won’t you? 

Imagine sinking your teeth into a dry-aged double beef cheeseburger, with its juicy patty, melty cheese, and side of crispy fries. Pickles and mustard dancing upon your palate, a symphony of flavours that leaves you yearning for more, yet satisfied. Yes, it is me, room service, your burger connoisseur, here to satiate your cravings with every juicy bite.

Craving something a bit different? Fear not, for I can be a humble chicken schnitzel, golden from the pan with roasted wing gravy that will transport you to the ultimate crunch. It’s a match made in hotel paradise, brought to you by none other than me, your ultimate wingman, born of The Old Clare Hotel.


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Who else am I, you ask? A caesar salad, a timeless classic but this time with a twist. Crisp lettuce, buttery bacon, and the umami tang of anchovies blend harmoniously, while a perfectly cooked egg adds a creamy richness. Yes, it is me, room service, your maestro of salads, health, wellness and endless ‘mmhmm’s’. 


All I ask is that you remember me as more than a tray of silver-cloched dishes. I am your companion, your confidant when hunger strikes. I am cinnamon waffles with whipped cream, cultured butter and maple syrup in the morning, avocado smash on Brickfields Toasted Sourdough smothered in smoked cream cheese and black sesame, then butter brushed buns with cheese and beef patty at dinner. Let your desires guide you, don’t hold back, and rest assured that yes, it is me, room service, at your service, from 7am till late.

With toppings aplenty and extra sauce as soon as you call it, 

I am yours,

Room Service

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