An Ode to Our Pet Friendly Paradise

The ultimate staycay for you and your furry friend, at The Old Clare Hotel

Good day to you and to you dear canine traveller, welcome — we’ve got a *tail* to tell,
Of a room so cosy, for you and your pet to dwell.
Yes it’s true, at The Old Clare, there’s a spot, where tails wag with glee,
We call it The Pet Friendly Room — a place where both you and your pup can be free — you see:


Step into your Sydney staycay haven, where modern-industrial interiors meet retro chic,
Where every whim of your furry friend we’ll meet, oh how unique?!
There’s two rooms to choose from — Kent or Abercrombie,
Take your pick, there’s no need to fret,
For both come bearing the gift of experience and absolute comfort for you and your pet,
We promise, you won’t soon forget.

There’s The Kent Room, with its marbled bath and sleek design so chic,
A quick crash pad for your stay, where luxury and simple comforts meet.


The Abercrombie Room, spacious and grand, where eyes relax to close
And then, time slows.
There’s vintage chairs (for doggo too!) and a big ole bath for you to soak —
The ultimate pet-friendly chateau!


So, if it’s time to go — to explore or work, make sure to press that little link,
Just down below.
Pack your bags and prepare your furry friend,
You mustn’t leave them behind,
For at The Old Clare, they’ll be treated like royalty — soon, we know you’ll find.
From handmade Motion Ceramics bowls and plush toys in sight,
Your pet will revel in absolute doggy delight, from morning until night.


For just a small fee, your pet can join and holiday,
With two allowed per room, let them come and stay.
Contact our team, or hit that link, they’ll book you right away,
And soon you’ll be in paradise, come what may.

So pack your bags, grab your sleekest leash, let’s hit the road,
To The Old Clare Hotel, where pet-friendly is the secret code.
With treats, toys, and cuddles galore, it’s a pup’s dream come true,
And for you, dear traveller, a getaway you simply can’t refuse.


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