Cool-Spots: Where to cool down (and make a splash) this Summer


Hey there, HOT stuff! With Sydney turning up the heat to scorching 30+ degree days this summer, we’ve got the lowdown on the breeziest spots to keep your cool, during your stay. First things first — we do indeed have our very own rooftop swimming pool for this very reason, equipped with panoramic city views, a bar and a deck-full of lounge chairs so you can stay chill all day long. Nonetheless, one must venture out to experience the Sydney sizzle from every angle. So, slip on your shades and dive into these handpicked hot-spots, just a stone’s throw away (or thereabouts) from The Old Clare Hotel.



Wylie’s Baths


Location: Coogee


Slide into serenity at Wylie’s Baths, established in 1907, it’s Sydney’s oldest tidal pool. Nestled along the Coogee shoreline, this hidden gem offers crystal clear, ever-so-cleansing saltwater and ocean breezes all day long.


Hot tip: Dive in during high tide for an unforgettable experience. How to get there? Jump on a bus from Chippendale straight to Coogee, then take a scenic coastal walk.



Redleaf Beach


Location: Double Bay

164329 Murray Rose Double Bay DNSW

Escape the inner city hustle and bustle at Redleaf Beach, a charming oasis in Double Bay. This harbourside haven boasts a netted swimming area and lush surrounds – perfect for a leisurely day in the sun. There’s also a wrap-around pontoon which makes for a lovely walk, plus plenty of lush, green grass to set up shop for a good ol’ picnic. Find fantastic views looking out to Darling Point and the Harbour Bridge, too. How to get there? A quick train ride from Chippendale to Edgecliff station followed by a breezy stroll will get you there in under thirty minutes. 

Hot Tip: Order an ice-cold banana smoothie from the Redleaf Cafe on-site — the best smoothie in Sydney if you ask us!



Gordons Bay


Location: Right next to Clovelly Beach


A coastal paradise hidden between Clovelly and Coogee. Renowned for its underwater nature trail, it’s a snorkeler’s dream. Make sure you look out for the famed Groper — a gorgeous blue fish native to the area (he’s about 1m in length!). To dive into the crystal-clear waters, catch a bus from Chippendale to Clovelly and embark on a short coastal walk. There’s plenty of warm sandstone to sprawl across and the waters are always refreshingly icy!



Icebergs Pool


Location: Bondi Beach

ice bergs

A quintessential Sydney dip, perhaps the most iconic of them all — since 1929! The Icebergs Pool located at Bondi Beach’s south end is perched on the edge of the cliffs, offering breathtaking views of the ocean from all sides. Plus, the upscale Italian restaurant above (Icebergs Dining Room and Bar) hosts an award-winning menu.Day or night, it makes for an unforgettable stage to watch the famed Bondi sunset. For a cool commute, take a train from Chippendale to Bondi Junction, followed by a short bus ride to the beach.


Hot tip: Slide into The Sea Salt Cafe for some crispy chippies and crumbed barra. A must have during the summer months! AND, there’s also a famed sauna to steam your pores — an excellent wind down after you’ve completed the famous Bondi to Bronte Walk



Bronte Baths


Location: Bronte Beach

Locals guide to bronte beach ocean pool

Bronte Beach is home to one of the most photogenic and irresistible pools carved into the NSW coastline. The pool has a concrete wall with a wide walkway on the ocean side, which you can stroll along or sit down on as you dangle your feet in the ocean water. On this side there are spectacular views out into the Pacific Ocean and to the north along Bronte Beach. On the other side of the pools are the sandstone cliffs, which jut out over the edge of the pool. You can wade, swim underneath, or take shelter from the sun with some fish and chips all afternoon.With its family-friendly atmosphere and rock pools to explore, it’s a must-visit. From Chippendale, grab a train to Bondi Junction and then a bus to Bronte – easy peasy.


Hot Tip: The Coop cafe has the best Aussie brunch menu and a banging wine list to match.



Dawn Fraser Baths in Balmain


Location: Balmain


Experience a dip in history at Dawn Fraser Baths, Australia’s oldest pool dating back to 1884. Located in the quaint, historic suburb of Balmain, this tidal pool is perfect for a leisurely swim with a side of nostalgia — it’s named after one of Australia’s most renowned female swim champions, Fraser was one of only four swimmers to have won the same Olympic individual event three times – in her case the women’s 100-metre freestyle! Reachable from Chippendale by a combination of light rail and ferry, it’s a scenic journey worth taking with plenty to see along the way!


Hot Tip: IFYKYK and if you don’t — Balmain’s famous for it’s pub culture. Duck into Dry Dock for a beer, fancy cocktails and more!



Next stop — The Rooftop (our Rooftop). Your urban oasis in Sydney. 


Location: Chippendale, of course!

Rooftop pool sydney hotel

Our rooftop, nestled amidst the blend of greenery and industrial charm, is your picturesque retreat. Take in the unique backdrop, and once you’ve soaked up the view and caught all the good vibes, it’s time to unwind in the pool! While swimming is a special treat reserved for our guests, the rooftop bar is a welcoming haven for everyone. 


Hot Tip: Did we mention we’re also offering Brunch? Think waffles with honeycomb butter, avo on toast, Aussie breakfasts and mimosa’s for all! Followed by a cool dip.



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