A Stellar Guide for A Stellar Stay: Your Astrological Guide to the Ideal Hotel Room at The Old Clare

As the saying goes, sometimes you’ve just gotta ‘read the room’ — and so, we did. 

In search of a little guidance to help us do so, we looked toward everyone’s favourite soothsayer, the Zodiac. Whether you’re in the midst of some kind of semi-monumental life decision, simply evaluating the week to come (to go or not to go on a second date, perhaps?) or selecting your room in Sydney’s favourite hotel *The Old Clare Hotel* — a browse through ones horoscope always seems to relieve, however momentarily, all that decision making stress. 

If you’re the indecisive type (hello Libra, hello Gemini), a little chaotic (sorry Aries, it’s true) or a little particular (yes, you, Virgo) this is the star-studded room review for you. Let’s begin. 

Abercrombie Room — Cancer’s Cosy Haven and Pisces’ Dreamy Retreat

Abercrombie Room
Abercrombie Room

The Abercrombie’s charm lies in all its most cosy details — from the super king-sized bed and freestanding tub to the sleek, industrial furniture, this room is the perfect fit for the self-care-seeking signs, Cancer and Pisces. Whether they choose to be bubbled up in the tub, journaling by the desk or snuggled up with a book on the couch — relaxation is guaranteed.

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Mary O’ Suite — Scorpio’s Creative Hideaway and Virgo’s Organized Oasis

Mary O Suite
Mary O Suite Sydney

Say hello to Mary O’ — equipped with an eight-seater dining table, feature cabinetry, lounge area, separate bathroom and wet bar. This room’s versatility caters to bothVirgo’s and Scorpio’s desire for sleek yet wholly functional spaces. As the most practical signs of the zodiac, these two thrive on organisation, of which this room, with all its storage space, endless shelving and corporate amenities, values highly. The Mary O’ is essentially 60 square metres of business meets pleasure; perfect for a conference, board meeting, a personal holiday or perhaps even a good ol’ meet-cute with friends before or after the wedding*.

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The Clare Suite —  Understated luxury for Leo and Libra

Clare Suite Clare Suite Hotel Sydney Clare Suite Sydney accommodation

With its abstract prints, elegant curves (from wall to tub to vase) and bold, industrial lighting — the Clare Suite oozes confidence. Perfect for the playful yet sophisticated taste of the extroverted-maximalist Leo and Libra. With its blend of heritage features and modern comforts, the Clare Suite offers balance — much like this enigmatic pair. 

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Kent room —  For the Wanderers

Sydney Hotel

The Kent Room’s versatility and economic value make it an ideal choice for the spontaneous Aries and the curious Sagittarius. These two can’t stay in one place for too long, they’re itching to explore, and ready to jump at the chance for adventure. In a nutshell, the Kent Room is here for those who are always out and about, to whom a room is not so much a hang out, but a resting place (or a place to prime before a late night on the town). Each room comes equipped with a goose-down-doona’d, super king-sized bed, ensuring a restful snooze after a day of fiery conversations and ceaseless exploration. 

P.S Much like the shape-shifting Aries — this room comes in different styles and layouts too. 

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Connell Room —  A Haven for Taurus and Capricorn

Connell Room hotel sydney
Hotel Sydney luxury

For crafty Capricorns and the sensual Taurus, craftsmanship, art and serenity are of the utmost importance. Both earthy signs will appreciate the Connell Rooms’ refined vintage furniture, practical amenities — there’s as much desk space as there is snooze space — and accessible layout. With its high ceilings and cosy size (twenty eight square-metres) these two can feel most at ease, with enough space to recharge and rejuvenate as there is to work. The kind of balance they’re always searching for. 

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Chippendale Loft — Gemini’s Dual-Level Delight and Aquarius’ Private Escape

Chippendale Loft accommodation Sydney Chippendale Loft accommodation Sydney Chippendale Loft accommodation Sydney Chippendale Loft accommodation Sydney

The Chippendale Loft’s split-level layout caters to the dynamic and adaptable nature of Gemini and the eclectic Aquarius. It houses a multifunctional design. Upstairs — bed, bath and be calm. Downstairs — work, write and work some more. A dual-natured space for Gemini to seamlessly transition between work and play. Meanwhile, the loft’s separation of “business” and “leisure” spaces provides the privacy and personal freedom that the independent Aquarius craves. 

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Showroom suite — The one for all and the all for one

Showroom Suite Showroom Suite Showroom Suite Showroom Suite

The Showroom Suite is the showstopper. The kind of room that suits ALL the signs with its expansive offering —  fifty three square-metres of absolute serenity, creativity and retreat. 

Think of it as a space where all types and occasions come together. Amidst the vintage designer furniture, steam-punk lamps, super king-sized bed and modern oversized bathroom, every sign can truly feel at home and catered to. 


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C.U.B. Suite — Aquarius’ Futuristic Getaway and Virgo’s Practical Paradise

CUB Suite Sydney Hotel CUB Suite Sydney Hotel

The C.U.B. Suite embraces both past, present and future — much like Aquarius and Virgo, who are always thinking ahead. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, these two appreciate the more traditional comforts — which makes this room, the one. Aquarians will surely be captivated by the suite’s rich history (100 square metres of it!) and classic design whilst Virgo’s will feel drawn to the suite’s practical layout and efficient use of space. A sanctuary for both relaxation and productivity. With its original timber panelling, parquetry floors, cornices and a restored executive men’s washroom, this is the room for the signs concerned with making the BIG ideas and asking the BIG questions — so long as it doesn’t make them uncomfortable!

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