Autumn playlist, It’s Chilly! Cool, Breezy listening Soft-sensual sounds to warm you up and keep you cosy

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Okay here we are, on the precipice of Autumn’s sweet-soothing finale — preparing mind, body and soul for the *decidedly less chill* winter chill. Aside from an occasionally icy breeze, we’ve got it pretty good down here, weather wise. Blue skies tend to overtake drizzle, snow stays put down south and deep sea temperatures rise with the morning sun, and for the coastal trailers, the surfers out there, there’ll be some 40,000 whales to spot.

New York faux fur and icey Parisian palms seem less alluring  compared to crisp Aussie mornings rugged up on the beach (or wrapped up snug in one of our goose down doonas post soak). 

In the spirit of sunshine, an easy breeze by the Rooftop pool, and cosy evenings with room service *on the double* we’ve put together a quintessential cool, calm and cosy playlist for you all to doze off to. Think smooth jazz with a Nina Simone swing and a dash of suitable Australian melancholy (The Go Betweens, Nick Cave — you know the drill).

Whether you’re here for the season or just the night, this one’s for you. Stay warm! Listen here: LINK

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