Bathtime Rituals of The Rich and Famous

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It’s no secret we value and proudly promote the act of tub bathing. It requires a different state of mind than showering – slowness, purpose and mindfulness lest you burn. Given our heightened interest in the matter we thought it only correct to seek out the knowledge of those in the upper echelon. To impart wisdom, or perhaps the opposite. Please enjoy our dissected famous-people-bath-habits below, for tips and not-quite tips. Peruse at your own risk, or pleasure.

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Who: The greatest, Oprah

What: She calls herself a “bathing connoisseur.” She even once had a tub hand-carved to the precise mold of her body from a single piece of Italian onyx. Woah. She adds oils, salts, beads and bubble baths, naturally, and as it should, the ritual typically inspires her greatest ideas.

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: Oprah deserves the Showroom Suite. With all that heritage and space and restored bar — it yells business-extraordinaire-cum-bathing expert.

Background music: Inspiration Information, Shuggie Otis.

TOCH Journal Bathing JennySlate 4 5

Who: Ms Jenny Slate

What: Everyone, mostly, loves a bath, yes, but it’s what happens before, during, after that’s most interesting. For writer and comedian Jenny Slate it’s all about the rose oil. After every morning bath she mindfully applies it all over. The serenity. A leaf from a book we’d read, for sure.

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: A Clare Suite, of course. All that curved bench space makes for even oil application. 

Background music: Clair de Lune, Debussy.

TOCH Journal Bathing Marilyn 4 5

Who: The One, The Only, Marilyn

What: One time, she’s rumored to have bathed in 350 bottles-worth of Champagne, that’s all.

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: While we wouldn’t condone an act as wasteful as a multi-litre Champagne bath, we would condone laying up solo in an Abercrombie Room. No one else around. Right into the middle of the room. Heav’.

Background music: Blue Moon, Ella Fitzgerald.

TOCH Journal Bathing Beyonce 4 5

Who: Queen of Queens, Beyonce

What: Evian bath — ever heard of it? Beyonce has, and she’s ordered one. The notorious spa treatment involves pouring 1,000 litres of twice-purified bottled Evian water into a bathtub to get pruney in. The lavishness. The audacity. The potential for incredible skin.

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: The elegant beast itself — the C.U.B Suite. 

Background music: No music, just your beautiful, important thoughts. 

TOCH Journal Bathing January 4 5

Who: Bathing extraordinaire, January Jones

What: A woman so bath-positive she had a column about the act. We’re interested specifically in her preference of adding beer to baths. It helps with exfoliation, apparently, while simultaneously hydrating. Double-whammy, double the fun if you responsibly sip a beer that doesn’t ultimately end up in the water. 

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: The Mary O’ Suite would do. Good for gathering some acquaintances around afterwards. 

Background music: Anything Norah, Jones or Ephron, we mean.

TOCH Journal Bathing Emma Watson 4 5

Who: Fiend for baths, Emma Watson

What: Emma “has a bath every single day of her life”. Imagine! She sometimes takes up to three! IMAGINE! She often adds epsom salts, a given, but other times the C.O Bigelow Apothecary Cold and Flu Soak. Amazing if you’re sick, she says.

The Old Clare Room to Make it Happen: A Chippendale Loft will do, all the better for spreading your bathing instruments out over two levels. 

Background music: Anything from our vinyl collection that’ll croon down the staircase. 


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