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Well, well, well if it isn’t December calling. The *holiday szn* brings with it many of life’s joys, such as cherries, EOY work parties, and never ending gift lists for you boss/dog/mum/S.O. Good news. We’re here, once more, to present excellent present ideas for people who like to bathe, nest and dine.

From Us to You

Give the gift of TLC for those positively exhausted after a loooooong year. The Old Clare Gift Voucher offers just that, with plenty of room to embellish and many-a-room to choose from. Available online here!

Artful reflections to start the new year

For the art-enthused friend after some food for thought 

Just round the corner from our humble abode lies the White Rabbit gallery, featuring contemporary Chinese works, plus a street-level tea house and gift store. Not only is this a fantastical gallery to explore, but it’s also filled to the brim with quirky objects d’art — for children and adults. Pick up a swag of collectable coffee table books like ‘the Big Bang’ (showcasing 75 Artists from the gallery’s early years), intriguing knick knacks (from avant garde bobble heads to quirky stress balls and drawing kits), catalogues, fine teas, graphically bold tote bags that speak the truth, “We live in a beautiful, yet violent reality” and even a minimalist clothing line. Have a browse here or pop into the store for a deep dive.

White Rabbit The Old Clare Hotel

Homewares aplenty

For the homebody

From vases to tableware (hot tip: the Martini glasses are excellent) to heavenly scents, Maison Balzac is gift central for the humble homebody — their vases, many of which are a common feature throughout the hotel, are hand blown in coloured borosilicate glass and come in a range of cool and earthy tones, fit for minimalist (and maximalist!) collectors. Pair one of these beauties with a slow-burning custom candle for some extra sweetness.

Maison Balzac x The Old Clare Hotel

Read up!

For the thoughtful

Perhaps the most nourishing gift of all is the kind that benefits the mind — the kind that comes wrapped up in a beautiful cover, lined with a dashing typeface and lovingly bound in texturally stimulating paper. TITLE bookstore’s got the goods, from the classic novella to the artful coffee table book to the arthouse film or avant garde record starter pack. On our wishlist? This Atlas of Interior Design by Dominic Bradbury. Damn. Browse the library here.

Gift guide the Old Clare hotel

A little BS goes a long way

For your BFF

We’ve stocked the BS Shop with all things self-care, from the finest plushy robes, bathing ritual enhancements and receptacles that ooze stylish vibes. Pair with a voucher to add a little magic to their stay or build your own gift pack, so your loved one can enjoy the full TOCH experience — here or at home. Peruse at your leisure.

The Old Clare bathrobe

Scrub a dub-dub

For the extra shiny pal

With our signature scent — Personal Essence — burning by the wayside and a big bottle of Triumph & Disaster bubble bath brewing in the tub, your giftee is sure to be soothed and satisfied. Also on the wish list: this gentle Shearer’s Soap mixed with poppy seeds for ultimate exfoliation, a fragrant bar of almond, milk and rosehip soap our in-room peppermint-scented cleanser for that gorgeous face, deep-cleansing, and a sandalwood and neroli-infused body wash to boot. Lovely. Find it all and more here


Triumph & Disaster

Watch this space

For the daydreamer 

A film a day keeps boredom at bay, and keeps one’s mind on the move! A trip to the cinema is like a series of mini staycations, the kind you can jump in and out of at any time. All it takes is a Gift Card. Screen your options here


Audio Technica Turntable

For the muso

So you stayed with us a while and got used to the alluring sound of spinning vinyl? We don’t blame you. Take the turntable experience home with you when you check out by knowing your very own awaits, ready and limber for a record to be placed. Dulcet tones for you, my friend. Listen and find here.



For the mindful      

Provider store is nestled in nearby Surry hills and offers hand-picked and hand-made wares’ for those looking for a little inspiration. Each finely curated piece tells a story of travel, art and connection — from plates, bowls and cups, to chopsticks and wooden knives, each item has been designed to last. For the Japanese and Scandinavian design-inspired, this is the place for you. Fill your cart here. 


Provider Store

A flavoursome pre Christmas treat

For the gourmet concerned

From the mezzanine, to the communal table, to sizzling pans, to menu and back again — it’s been seven delicious years around the Automata sun (in this case dimmed lights with industrial flare) and it’s time to sizzle onto new adventures. In the words of Chef Clayton Wells, it’s ‘time to zip up and move on’. Sad eyes (and palates) aside, the finale’s set to be a big one and we couldn’t stand for you to miss out on all the devourables to come. So, why not find a way to treat yourself and a friend or two at the same time. The best gifts are the one’s shared in our opinion! Automata will close on December 17th, get it while it’s hot. Grab a voucher here. Reserve your table here. 


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