An Ode To The Best Roll In Sydney

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Dear, Garlic Prawn Roll.

We have something to say — something from the heart where reflection and hunger lie not dormant, but lively. We’ve decided to put pen to paper, finger tips to keyboard, to let you know precisely what lies in this lively place in the right ventricle.

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We love you. Wholeheartedly, forevermore. We’ll never forget the moment you graced us with your presence, all glossy and warm. Toasted, ever so slightly, and glistening like an egg on the pavement. You sit pretty, stuffed to your roll’s lip with garlicky, buttery-tossed bites o’ prawn and sprinkled with chopped chives.

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Incredible on any occasion. Morning, noon or night. In bed, at the bar, standing up. Saddle up next to a flute of sparkling, schooner of draught or a classique black Panadol (Coca Cola) and you’re in your finest company. We appreciate your sweetness, savouriness and softness. How you can be dressed up or down, eaten from a Clare Suite tub or with elbows over the rooftop balcony.

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We can’t wait to meet you again. The comfort and satisfaction built but from a single bite is invaluable. And crustacean-y bliss.

Forever yours,

The Old Clare Hotel

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