The Art of Robing

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The art of robing is one not indoctrinated, but learned via time spent lounging, relaxing, bathing, house flitting. Robe life, as they say, is one not lived by all but encouraged by all who participate. There’s something about the soft comfort of a body cocoon, AKA, robe, that squalls “holiday”, is there not? While we haven’t got it on actual authority, we’re confident if the robes of The Old Clare could talk, they’d tell many tales of late nights wrapped in terry towelling, mornings lounging, room-service golloped. 

This garment takes many forms, and everyone has an opinion, however all of them envelop you with comfort and familiarity. Is yours a bathrobe, housecoat, morning dress, negligee, dressing gown? Why so? Is it Japanese cotton or heavy, fluffy towelling? Full-length or to the knee? Regardless of shape, colour or style, enrobing yourself is integral to The Old Clare experience, it’s why we sell the same very ones you will find in our rooms, and same goes for our robey friends below. Which are you? You tell us.

Vivian has impeccable taste. For the uninitiated robee, hers, like Clare’s is the cream of the crop. It’s not dissimilar to Marilyn’s below, and definitely is equally chic. We know, you know, we all know her and Edward could live forever in the C.U.B Suite


Robe life is one Tyler engages with quite thoroughly, the robe is him, and he is his robe. If we were to spy him at the hotel there’s not doubt he’d be slinking around the Showroom Suite. Try and tell us otherwise, ‘tis a match made in Hotel. 


If anyone’s house coat is similar to ours at The Old Clare, it’s Ms Monroe’s, no objection! Fluffy? Check. A second skin? Check, check? Suitable for the high-life? Undoubtedly. We can picture it clearly: Marilyn et. al. mid-conflab over one or two. It’s a Martini in hand, we think, a chamomile perhaps. All in the Abercrombie, in that mid-room tub, sandalwood swirling via Triumph & Disaster bathroom amenities. Gorgeous. 

Now! Forget the fluff! It’s all about the sheer cotton, Bob believes so anyway. We imagine his is as comfortable as it looks — judging but the rate at which he wears it anyway. Suitable for the Tokyo Park Hyatt sure, but also a Chippendale Loft. It’s a loft. 


Ready to try the art of robing for yourself? Book your stay at The Old Clare here. Buy yourself one of our microfiber robes to recreate your experience at home.

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