Room Profile: Chippendale Loft

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Stay if you’re: in the mood to sip Cosmos by our rooftop pool and run a mile in six-inch heels

“I couldn’t help but wonder”… inside every Sydney hotel, is there another room as multi-faceted and comfortable as this one? The Chippendale Loft, with its forty six square meters of teal carpet, retro furnishings and two tiers got me thinking — perhaps one really could flit between business and pleasure at more or less the same time. Maybe the rumours were true, that one really could work work work then chill, chill, chill without much obstacle— all it takes is a modern split-level layout, glistening marble bathrooms (feat. tub), goose down bedding fit for a king/queen/all-those-between and fabulous microfiber bathrobes. 

Chippendale Loft Sydney Hotel
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I had to get to the bottom of it, so without further ado, my journey from level one and up the stairs soon ensued. 

After some time spent lying on the Chippendale Loft floor, evaluating my next business venture and mentally ticking off an endless array of ‘to-do’s’, my investigations began.

From the floor, I made my way over to the couch — velvetine with a ‘sink-into-me-and contemplate’ aura. Perfect. Also in view, a desk equipped with Unique The Rag and Bone Man lamp, funky modernist chairs and steam-punk-esque Snowy-Hydro feature art. It was giving, Miranda-Hobbs-office-smarts meets Samantha-Jones-street-savvy. An excellent setting for the next Google Meets board meeting.

Now, up the stairs — I could hear the Triumph & Disaster bubble bath calling from the pearl toned tub and then, in harmony, the springs of the mattress just begging for a polite jump/bounce/dance.


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As soon as I popped myself down onto what was maybe the comfiest King size bed, I couldn’t help but wonder: inside every confident, driven, working person – corporate, creative or otherwise — is there just a restless human, waiting for the moment when someone will beg them to relax? To jump on the bed, bathe in a sea of scented bubble suds and drink champagne in a robe and slippers? My answer, in this moment at least, was yes, even if only for the night…

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