Staying Put Staycation

As Sydney stares down the barrel of another month of locky-d, we felt it an opportune moment to double-down on the self-care mantras that have been floating around and give them our own spin. We’d like to think we’re pretty well versed on the art of the staycation see, and as the saying goes… “if you can’t make it here, make “here” there (where you are)”. Plus, we thought if we re-branded the rest of lockdown as a “staying-put staycation”, then it might prove easier to bear. Here’s hoping. 

Anyways, without further ado…

These are to be worn at all times. If a work video call is scheduled to take place, ensure you’ve got a neutral undergarment up top so you can shimmy out of the top half of the robe for the call’s duration. Alternatively, wear the robe with pride on all video chats or take the Catfish route and claim camera issues. 

Note to self: must be plush, and oversized so as to feel like you’re being swaddled like a newborn. Only you’re an adult who can drink cocktails whenever you want (see step 3).

As far as a standard staycation’s hierarchy of needs goes, this one takes up a large piece of the pie and is of even greater importance given the current climate, both from a COVID and temperature perspective. Speaking of pie, we’ve got yours (proverbially and literally) covered with our new finish-at-home menu. 

We’re cooking up four meals that are both peak comfort and peak delicious: chicken and mushroom pie, beef and eggplant lasagne, spinach and ricotta cannelloni and pork and fennel sausage roll. Available to pick up from The Old Clare Bar, 7 days, from 10am to 8pm. No need to pre-order, just roll on in.

You need not wait until you’re a retired widow and beloved local eccentric clad exclusively in free flowing muumuu to drink cocktails at any time of the day you please. Now is the time to embrace life’s little pleasures. In a responsible fashion, naturally. One 11.46am Negroni, sipped in a luxuriant fashion, is THE vibe. Luckily, we’ve got classic cocktails, perfected, bottled and waiting for you to pick up from our BS Shop. 

Note to self: you don’t even need to break step 1 to procure these either, as we’re currently offering drive-thru. Just nose into Kensington Street, scan the QR code to order and we’ll scurry out with your booze. All while you remain safely in the bosom of your car, and robe.

Our baths are as deep as our thoughts are round here, and we feel this is the ultimate staycation activity that should last for a minimum of 1 hour at a trot and involve reading, Netflix-ing, drinks and snacks. Beyond this, serving suggestion is to use Triumph & Disaster body wash and candles to perfect the mood and ensure your plumes of steam are nicely perfumed.

Turn off the TV for a hot minute and turn up the stereo. Nothing like a living room, lights off, in your robe dance session to shake out the cobwebs and lockdown blues. 

And there you have it, our key steps to an excellent staying-put staycation. Follow one, three or all. In lieu of not being able to leave your house or come visit us, we sincerely hope you manage a bit of staycation luxury over the coming weeks. 

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