A Peek Inside The CUB Suite

C.U.B Suite

Get ready to stretch out in a super king size bed, hold court at an eight-seater dining/meeting table or swan about in a microfiber robe across one hundred and six square metres of parquetry floored luxury. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s time to (virtually, for now at least) step into our C.U.B Suite. 

And as you’ll see, it’s like stepping back in time. If that time (and place) were steeped in the luxury and tasteful design flourishes of the mid century, but with all the mod-cons of contemporary life seamlessly woven in. For example, we’d posit that a time traveller from that era wouldn’t be alarmed by being plonked into this room. Instead, pleasantly befuddled to uncover some fandangled gadget they hadn’t seen before every now and then as they pursue the room. 

We digress. The former life of this space, as Carlton & United Breweries’ boardroom, is very much apparent in the room’s current iteration. There’s the original timber panelling, the parquetry floors, the cornices and even the restored executive men’s washroom. Only lovingly restored and furnished with function and beauty in mind. This room is perhaps the epitome of what The Old Clare is all about. Elegance, comfort and the effortless combination of the past, present and future. So, without further ado, have a wander through below.

For meetings or a meal in. Or lounging, reading, scribbling and thinking. Ample seating options. Be Goldilocks and try them all on for size. 

Did we mention a super king size bed? Complete with cloud-like goose down bedding. Sink in, then arise from your repose more refreshed than a beer lover sipping his/her/their first schooner on a hot summer’s day.

An anteroom with wet bar, for thirst quenching purposes.

The bathroom here should be rebranded as the bathWING. A whole neighbourhood of the C.U.B suite is devoted to pampering, preening and cleaning. A bath with as much depth as your thoughts whilst soaking, and a rain and hand shower for those who like their water to cascade rather than slosh. If cleanliness is next to godliness then this is nirvana. 

Every time you look round, you’re bound to notice another small detail. Details r us.

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