All Weekenders!

A weekend getaway is always a treat, and it’s a lot more relaxing when you don’t feel the clock ticking. So, when you book your stay directly on our website, we give you a full 48 hours on top of the best available rate. Check in any time after 3pm on Friday and check out at the same time on Sunday.

For example, your flight lands late Friday so you don’t check in until around 8:30pm. What might usually feel like a ‘wasted’ evening isn’t so bad because you get to keep your room until 8:30pm on Sunday.

This means you can really enjoy Saturday knowing that the next day, you can sleep in as long as you want and really take your time to enjoy the day before heading off. Think, leisurely breakfast, gallery hopping and late lunch with friends before relaxing in your room until you return home in the evening. Because who wants to feel rushed getting to and from the hotel or waiting around awkwardly?

We’ll also give you access to free super-fast wi-fi and free local and international calls. Because you never know, you might want to tell your distant cousin on the other side of the world about your stay. We wouldn’t blame you.*

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