The dust has settled and we have to admit, Old Clare cleans up pretty good.

Welcome to Old Clare

Stretching across two iconic heritage-listed buildings – The Clare Hotel pub and the Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building – the 62 room boutique hotel has been constructed with obsessive attention to aesthetics and concern for retaining the interesting features of both buildings. 


Situated along the re-developed Kensington Street precinct, The Old Clare Hotel is the first Australian hotel from the unconventional Unlisted Collection:. With its rich, varied history and architecture, Chippendale has become the home of choice for dozens of art galleries, production houses, graphic and fashion design studios, plus Sydney’s most exciting new restaurants, cafés and bars.


 Crash Pads

Crash Pads

Boutique Suites

No two people are alike so no two rooms should be either. There are seven different suite styles ranging from stylish and cosy to opulent and showy, designed to meet all your needs. 

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 Wine, Dine, Refine

Wine, Dine, Refine

Fancy Facilities

A philosopher once said: 'The reason to leave home and stay in a hotel is to eat amazing food in bed and lounge poolside whilst texting your friends'. Two restaurants, a bar and a rooftop pool should offer plenty of reasons to pack your bags.

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Entertaining Events

As if Chippendale didn't have enough to offer already. The Old Clare Hotel will offer anything from pop-up markets to tastings over inspiring talks to art exhibitions and live music.

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Sick of lounging by the pool or enjoying cocktails in our public bar? Enjoy innovative dining at either of the two restaurants that call the hotel home. Discover two completely different dining experiences in Automata and Kensington Street Social or for additional excitement, keep an eye out for our pop-up collaborations in Silvereye.




Located in an imposing 1930s warehouse-style interior, Chef Clayton Wells brings a movable approach to a frequently changing set menu. Enjoy a five-course menu for dinner and the option of a three-course menu for lunch. 




For a good time (but not a long time) - to be precise from June 11 until July 7 - The Old Clare Hotel will host the Biota Chippendale pop up in the beautiful Silvereye space within the Clare building.  

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For the decades The Clare, County Clare, Kegroom Tavern - or in whatever incarnation one may have encountered the space - has been a watering hole for locals, students, artists, bohemians and intellectuals.
Be sure to stop to meet new and old friends for a craft beer or a classic cocktail. 

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