The Best Places to Travel in March

March is when the cold starts to let up and much of the country finally gets signs of warm weather. But if you start planning a trip for the summer months, you’ll hit high season for most destinations. Instead, seek out places you can go now—an ideal combination of warm weather and no crowds.

If you’re looking for a quick jaunt, there are tons of exciting happenings in New Orleans, New York City, and Washington, D.C. All three cities have exciting food scenes, but they each have March-specific attractions as well, from new hotel openings to the famous cherry blossoms.

Wine lovers should head to Portugal, where the Douro River area is in full bloom and you’ll have the vineyards practically to yourself. In Reykjavik, it feels like spring but looks like winter still, due to the snow on the ground—perfect for exploring the beautiful city.

For a slightly more far-flung trip, head to Buenos Aires—the cheapest place to travel this month, where you can find some incredible deals. Sydney is also a steal right now, with the Australian dollar ten percent cheaper than it was last year. The star opening there is the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale, which made our list of the best new hotel openings last year.

No matter where your travels take you—and whether you want to avoid spring break destinations or embrace them—there are plenty of places to go that are both warm and cheap. What are you waiting for? 

Sydney, Australia

You probably didn’t get a seat at Noma Sydney (the 10-week pop-up sold out within minutes, and the waitlist is reportedly 27,000 deep). But there are still plenty of reasons to head over to the booming city. The neighborhood du jour is Chippendale—home to the Old Clare Hotel, in a former brewery and pub, as well restaurants from Jason Atherton and Clayton Wells. Bonus: For Americans, the Australian dollar is almost ten percent cheaper right now than it was last year.  

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