Silvereye and Automata to heat up Chippendale’s amazing Old Clare development

CHIPPENDALE will cement its reputation as Sydney’s hottest food destination this week, when two restaurants in The Old Clare redevelopment off Broadway spring to life.

Clayton Wells’s Automata opens tomorrow, while Sam Miller will open Silvereye on level 2 of the gloriously restored Art Deco pub next Tuesday.

The 65-seat Automata opens with a five-course menu (plus snacks) for $88, while the 55-seat Silvereye will offer a choice of two degustations — a longer, 16-17 course list for $175, or a shorter, 10-12 course list for $140. Both restaurants will start by offering dinner services, with Automata also doing Sunday lunches.

Miller, from York in the UK, says his menu will draw on his experience as executive sous chef at Denmark’s Noma to offer a carefully contemporary menu that focuses largely on vegetables.

“I find vegetables a bit more interesting to eat,” he says. “Meat, I find a bit boring. We will be doing shellfish and fish though so it won’t be vegetarian.”He says that despite the length of the menu, service will be pacy.

“I personally do not like to be in a restaurant for more than two to two-and-a-half hours, so the food will come very quickly onto the table.”

Wells, who opens Automata after leaving The Star’s Momofuku Seiobo this year, says his dishes will look simple, while calling on techniques he has honed throughout his training in fine-dining.

“I have a fine-dining background and I still like cooking that food, but the food here will look pretty simple on the plate,” he says.

“We’ll be sticking with a few key ingredients (for each dish).”

On Automata’s opening menu are dishes of smoked eel with leek, black garlic and pickled onion, and steamed hapuku with cured john dory roe and seaweed.

Both restaurants have been designed by Matt Darwon, who also did Lennox Hastie’s Surry Hills hot spot Firedoor.

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