Con Athanassiou - Extern

Con managed the design and construction of The Old Clare Hotel. A meticulous work ethic, detailed knowledge of the construction industry and a passion for good food made Con the perfect fit as Loh Lik Peng’s local representative as well as the provision of homemade spanakopita. The eternal optimist, Con rates the making of The Old Clare Hotel as one of his most satisfying projects. “This project was particularly unique - from its challenging engineering nuances, to preserving beautiful elements of the heritage listed buildings, many of which only appeared after layers of existing construction were peeled away.”

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John Chesterman and Jarrod Hughes - Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects

TZG’s John and Jarrod took on the adaptive re-use of Old Clare’s two heritage buildings. Designing the The Old Clare Hotel required the level of ingenuity that would lead someone to design and construct a nappy for his chicken, making John the ideal man for the job.

The architecture as described by Tim Greer, Design Director at TZG Architects - “It’s unpredictable, with a bit of magic and a twist of fantasy. When you walk around the hotel, you will get a sense that the building is dressing and undressing itself all at once. The building plays games with what a hotel should be, some parts are exquisite and other parts are raw. In short a building of mixed emotions. The Old Clare Hotel will appeal to anybody with a sense of adventure, who likes comfort and fabulous food.”

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Boris Tosic - Elan Construct

Boris’s commercial fit-out and architectural joinery work includes The Clare bar, the hotel’s reception desk and in-room fit-outs. His own obsession with detail and highest quality workmanship means he can often be found ‘on the tools’ ensuring every job is perfect. The entire hotel suite joinery was forged by hand from solid timber, laminate, steel, fabric, veneer and floor lining. The bar and reception counter were sculptural in their proportions and exacting in their production.

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Charlie and Anthony Bitar, and Matt Darwon – GP2 Projects and Matt Machine

Matt Darwon, aka Matt Machine for his motorcycle restoration workshop antics, designed the interiors of Automata and Silvereye restaurants. Anyone who’s been to both restaurants, with their distinctively different look and feel, might be shocked to learn that both were masterminded by the same team.

Delivering Matt’s vision in beautiful finish were GP2 Projects, Charlie and Anthony Bitar. Very much a family business, the memory of their dad follows them onto every building site with an esky cooler bearing ‘Daddy Cool’ on the lid.

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.PSLAB custom-designed and manufactured the site-specific pendant lamps in each of our guest rooms, referencing the industrial elements and black steel used throughout the Old Clare's buildings. In corridors, surface mounted black steel bars are equipped with reflector lights of vintage car lamps.

.PSLAB’s projects approach allowed them to respond to the characteristics of our spaces and create a unique lighting solution.

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Eloise Rapp - Rapp

A Sydney-based Designer and creative producer, Eloise preys on unusual colors, evocative prints and sublime textures and is inspired by the synergy between the natural and the built world. Eloise took inspiration from Australia’s mother earth to create the cushions in all of the hotel’s rooms. In addition, she designed The Old Clare’s tote and laundry bags.

Eloise spent several years in Japan and launched her eponymous scarf label in 2011, also working alongside Australian artist Ken Done and with The Social Outfit.

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Paul Firbank – The Rag and Bone Man

London-based Paul, the man behind The Rag and Bone Man, had an obvious synergy with Old Clare reworking traditions and having a passion for provenance and heritage. He teams up with partner Lizzie and uses his craftsmanship to transform vintage machinery, iconic engine parts and modern scraps into bespoke and industrial lighting, furniture and accessories.

The Rag and Bone Man pieces are found across the hotel, from an aircraft radial engine repurposed as a chandelier in Automata, to Silvereye’s wall lamps and desk lamps in each guest rooms. Each desk lamp includes its own individual tag with serial number and completion date so the elements can be traced back to their origins.

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Dion Nash - Triumph & Disaster

Founded by Dion, the Triumph & Disaster grooming range was born from his need for a great sunscreen after years of playing international test cricket for New Zealand under the hot sun. Triumph & Disaster combines the best of science and nature to give us naturally derived but scientifically engineered products.

The collaboration saw Triumph & Disaster lend their rocker ethos to the hotel’s bathroom amenities - extending their range and creating formulas that offer respite and refresh your senses after a long day.

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Elise Pioch - Maison Balzac

Elise conceptualises candles that are both beautiful and sentimental, often an ode to memories from her childhood in the south of France. The beauty-in-the-bones vision of both Elise and her partner Pablo (another Old Clare collaborator) was evident in their renovation of a once dilapidated 19th century chapel in Lower Portland into an arcadia.

Elise collaborated with Old Clare to create a warm and welcoming scent inspired by the memories of the historical hotel and brewery buildings; inviting guests to imagine the past and present.  


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Michaela Webb, Robert Nudds, Mike Giesser and anyone who would listen - Studio Round

Studio Round find the important stories to tell and bring them into focus. To translate the history of the hotel’s location, they conceived Old Clare’s character, finding her voice in the stories of the pub and neighbourhood and enabling us to see the world through her eyes.

The distinct individuality of Automata, another brand formed by studio round, shows the dedication and detailed research and thought that is afforded to each of their projects.

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Nina Field

From a world of white tulle and brides-to-be, Nina developed superb pattern making and design skills, lending to her work in couture, organic wear and lingerie. These days, being more selective about the wedding dresses that she creates, she runs Jack’s tailoring.

The Old Clare Hotel’s uniforms reference the clothing worn by brewery workmen in the Tooth and Carlton United Breweries. The uniforms were consciously made to last, allowing the fabric to absorb the life and times of the hotel and gather character with age. 

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Chris Court - Chris Court Photography

Chris photographs and works with major food, lifestyle and interiors titles including Donna Hay, Gourmet Traveler, Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Living and many more. His passion and photography courses with his siblings every school holidays bore their fruit when Chris entered the world of commercial photography.

In capturing the diverse elements of The Old Clare Hotel, Chris showcased the obsessive level of detail in aesthetics and functionality that bring the experience together. Chris's work with Old Clare is showcased throughout this website.

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Richard Glover

Richard’s architectural photos aim to arrest the attention of the viewer, draw them in and impart the idea.Richard visited the construction site monthly to capture the evolution of the iconic buildings just opposite of the University of Technology Sydney, where he incidentally lectures. Richard offers a warm welcome to anyone looking for advice, having received advice from more senior photographers himself when he started his career. About sixty of Richard’s images feature in guest rooms.

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Stephen Pierce - SPP

Stephen as the brainchild of Sydney based SPP, was born to walk the streets capturing the interesting, the threatened, the beautiful and the just plain weird. SPP specialises in architectural, event, historical and street photography and Stephen's work is included in the collections of The Powerhouse Museum, Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Architects Registration Board, BBC, and News Limited.

In 2013, Stephen extensively recorded the Clare Hotel and former Carlton & United Brewery administration building in all its faded glory and documented the transformation of the site, with images now displaying the process across the accommodation rooms.

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Jason Loucas - Jason Loucas Photography

Jason is a lifestyle photographer and filmmaker living in Sydney. Working extensively through the United States and Asia his client list includes Gourmet Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller (US,UK and India), Belle, InStyle (US) and Elle Decor (UK) and Martha Stewart, Tourism Australia. and Meat and Livestock Australia.

With the restaurants at The Old Clare Hotel, Automata and Silvereye (and Kensington Street Social, soon to come), Jason created images that captured the essence of what the respective chefs offer with their dining concepts. From food focused photography to behind-the-scenes short films and interior imagery, Jason’s shots highlighted the individuality of these new restaurants.

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Corinne Felgate

Corinne makes works that attempt to rewrite the world in both modest and ambitious ways, often with wry humour. The installations, performances, poems, and sculptures are cerebral and emotional; they ultimately attempt to explore, test, and mock what it is to exist in the world today in the legacy of our many cultural, industrial, and political histories. It’s with this intention that the site-specific Ode Blower telephone artwork was created for The Clare bar’s previous public telephone and ATM booth. Reinstating the phone booth with a 1930’s telephone, patrons can pick up the receiver and hear 10 poems about the storied halls of Old Clare in various Australian voices. We like to think it’s also an ode to Corrine’s mother who lives locally.

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Rosi Tuck and Sinéad Ambrose - Belle & Ambrose Flowers

Rosi and Sinéad forged a relationship while studying Communications at UTS, a time that also saw them frequent the Clare Hotel. Several years and career changes later, it was their separate pursuits of floristry that reignited their friendship and now sees them flexing their floral muscles together at their old haunt. The rugged beauty of Australian natives are at the heart of what influences their selections and arrangements.

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Pablo Chappelli

Pablo melds his work as an award winning industrial designer with his passion for bicycles, partnering with his good friend Tom Davies to establish Chappelli Cycles, manufacturing bikes for the modern urban cyclist.

Hotel guests will be able to tour Chippendale’s lanes, neighbouring suburbs or even Sydney’s most well known sites on bikes built exclusively for The Old Clare Hotel.


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