Located right next to our Clare bar, the Bottle Shop Gallery welcomes pop-ups by an array of brands and creatives that we’re proud to showcase. From jewellers to ceramicists, mental health organisations to designers, the BS gallery is a space that gives creatives an opportunity to show their work to locals and travellers, hotel guests and passer-bys alike.

Current Bump In - Something exciting is in the works as we speak! So check out our previous bump-ins below.

BS Gallery Bump In #1 - Lightly

20 Feb - 1 March 2020 - Here we see Melbourne-based design studio Lightly with their latest collection of curious and functional homewares. Lightly’s distinct mid-century practicality is a nice fit to be seen within our hotel, with designer Cindy-Lee Davis’ long commitment to enriching lives through considered and timeless design. This pop-up welcomes you to explore and shop their range of trays, planters and goblets, as well as their new range.

BS Gallery Bump In #2 - Leroy & I x Jackson Farley

Jeweller Leroy & I and Jackson Farley bring to you a collaborative jewellery collection just in time for Valentine's Day. With each piece beautifully handmade by Leroy & I featuring engraved illustrations by Jackson that reflects a sense of humour present in his greater practice. This is the perfect gift for those who don't really give a shit about Hallmark card "events".

BS Gallery Bump In #3 - Neva Hosking

15 - 31 Jan 2020 - Motivated by portraiture, plants and the linework, local artist Neva Hosking further investigates this obsession of hers. In this pop-up, Neva presents nature-themed artworks alongside wall hangings, prints, stickers, tote bags and a collection of rare plants.

BS Gallery Bump In #4 - Motion Ceramics

16 - 20 Dec 2019 - Motion Ceramics. We bloody love you. Clearly, because we've commissioned them to create vases, dog bowls and cups for our rooms, alongside their ceramics being seen throughout A1 Canteen and Automata. So it's pretty exciting that they came to do a pop-up all the way from their NSW South-Coast studio! Their wheel thrown functional wares are handmade with the utmost care and precision, where you can trust each item is of the highest artisanal quality.

BS Gallery Bump In #5 - Leaf Supply

28 Nov - Dec 1 2019 - Leaf Supply are seriously passionate about plants, believing life is better surrounded by nature. They're your go-to indoor plant and pot delivery service in Sydney, not to mention their two books Leaf Supply and Indoor Jungle. We were thrilled to have them pop-up as a physical store in our space!

BS Gallery Bump In #6 - Kil.n.it

15 - 18 Oct 2019 - Experimental ceramics studio Kil.n.it in Glebe brought us a pop-up of handmade ceramics by their resident artists. We were introduced to them by MakerSpace & Co and it was one of those rare but awesome great set-ups. For one, they're within walking distance of the hotel, but their generous attitude to actively participate and educate the community about their craft is infectious. Their studio was stablished in August 2015 as a not-for-profit cultural organisation, opening it's doors to tenants and casual visitors alike. Kil.n.it is devoted to nurturing the exploration of ceramics, and it really shows.

BS Gallery Bump In #7 - Maker & Space

15 - 22nd Aug 2019 - If you've got creative ambitions, MakerSpace & Co have the tools and workshop to make it a reality. From their Marrickville wood work, metal work, ceramics and digital studios they run a series of classes that teach all the essentials and beyond. We offered their resident ceramic artists to do a pop-up of sculptural and functional wares and couldn't be more impressed with their work.

BS Gallery Bump In #8 - Might & Mane

11 Aug 2019 - In collaboration with Might and Mane, we turned our Bottle Shop into a barber pop-up in support of RU OK? Day. Sometimes it can be hard to identify when someone's not really feeling great, or even if they're trying to open up, it can be daunting trying to figure out how to respond. Might & Mane are a not-for-profit who educate barbers on how to have healthy conversations around mental stability with their clients.

BS Gallery Bump In #9 - Hunter Candles

20 - 27 July 2019 - Hailing from Newtown, the next suburb over, Hunter Candles are a local favourite. The vibe is clean, earthy and simple. Drawing inspiration from Inner West's nature, art-filled streets and creative people, they hand pour non-toxic biodegradable Ecosoya wax into reusable glass vessels and wrap it up with 80% recycled materials.

BS Gallery Bump In #10 - Kenneth Lambert and Sarah Edmonson (Galerie pompom)

4 - 17 July 2019 - Our friends at Galerie pompom brought in their affiliated artists, Kenneth Lambert and Sarah Edmonson whose work explore digital technologies. Kenneth's background in museums, design and filmmaking informs his conceptually driven practice. His film, that explores the intersections between psychology, philosophy and technology, was displayed in the BS Gallery window 24/7. Inside the cabinets was Sarah Edmonson's tapestries that investigate chance by looking at digital glitch. The chance event of a glitch, an error in a structured system, has been rendered in needlepoint tapestry with wool on canvas in an attempt to stabilise its ‘intrusion’ through aesthetic re-interpretation.

BS Gallery Bump In #11 - Milly Dent x Gretel Corrie

24 May - 10 June 2019 - Milly Dent and Gretel Corrie are ceramicists based in Sydney. This collaborative pop-up brought together their unique handmade aesthetics. Milly's work is inspired by the natural world with vessels glazed with her distinctive marbling, referencing whirlpools of inky blues frozen in the fluidity that they are created. Gretel Corrie creates objects that are functional and embrace imperfect and hand made qualities. Drawn mainly to stoneware and porcelain as materials in her practice, Corrie's work is both an ode to the specific physicality of the ceramics she utilises and the endless possibilities of typically ignored forms that make up the everyday.

BS Gallery Bump In #12 - Chris Dolman (Galerie pompom)

16 March - 8 April 2019To kick off the BS program, our neighbours at Galerie pompom brought in local sculptor Chris Dolman. Chris Dolman makes paintings and objects imbued with incongruent and self-deprecating humour. Drawing from personal experience, art history and popular culture, his work hovers between existentially driven narrative and slapstick caricature. Dolman’s areas of interest include failure, superstitions, pathos and loss, which he explores through his practice with an equal mix of sincerity and irony.

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